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Tree Set: Birch & Cherry bark + Pine Needles

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Adjustable wrap top & wrap skirt set. 100% cotton. 

Geraldine gathered birch, cherry, & pine needles in early spring for an aromatic distillation. Post distillation, she transferred the boiled plants and water into a bucket which sat in the corner of the dye studio all spring and summer, through every thunderstorm and sunny day. In autumn, Geraldine strained the bark and needles out of the pot and submerged prepared cloth in the cool dye bath. We love the pattern of the color & it’s warm, pinky brown tone.

The wrap top can be worn with the deep V in the front or back.

This garment is part of a micro collection released by the experimental, ephemeral textile & botanical dye studio, Sunblood. Sunblood is a collaboration of Geraldine Lavin & Sarah Elizabeth Buckner. This set was sewn by Sylvie Estes.

This set would best fit medium - small, though the sizing is quite flexible because of the wrap factor. Each set comes with a botanically dyed scrunchie ;)


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