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Bioregional Herbalism & Medicine Making

+ full access to Tier 1 & 2
+ in person immersion at suntrap HQ in brooktondale NY from may 28th-29th. these are full days so please plan to arrive on the evening of friday the 27th and plan to leave on the morning of monday the 30th.

+ full access to the self paced online course & everything included in tier 1
+ five live virtual sessions via zoom june through september in which we go through each module together
+ live sessions will be recorded and available for one year

+ self paced study
+ lifetime access to course content
+ 122 page course booklet
+ access to monthly 1:1 or group check ins
+ curriculum can be reviewed here

Live Virtual BH&MM + in person immersion weekend schedule:


The weekend immersion will take place May 28th-29th. These are full days so please plan to arrive on the evening of Friday the 27th and plan to leave on the morning of Monday the 30th. Over the weekend we will cover Module 1 of the course, go on plant and mushroom walks, have time in the herb garden, preview all of the products we will make, have discussion circles, and explore bioregional herbalism together! There will also be swimming and trail running opportunities for those interested :)

optional meal plan +$35 (organic, gf, veg meals on saturday & sunday)
alternatively, there is also a cute market 2 miles down the road.

You can tune in again the following weekend to the live virtual zoom session of Module 1 for any additional questions.

Module 1: Introduction to Bioregional Herbalism & Medicine Making

June 4th
10am-2pm ET
(Topics covered: concept of Bioregional Herbalism, herbal energetics, native, invasive, & cultivated plants, story of Suntrap Farm + ecotypes, reciprocity, a personal assignment.)

Module 2: Water
June 25th
10am-2pm ET
(Topics covered: Introduction to water as a solvent, hot infusions, cold infusions & sun tea, decoctions, herbal syrups, herbal steams, mystery tea tasting, a personal assignment.)

Module 3: Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey
July 23rd
10am-2pm ET
(Topics covered: Introduction to vinegar & honey as solvents, demonstrations on how to work with honey, white vinegar, and apple cider vinegar for home and body care, oxymel introduction and demonstration, a personal assignment.)

Module 4: Alcohol
August 13th
10am-2pm ET
(Topics covered: Introduction to alcohol as a solvent, tincture making via the folk and ratio methods, acidifying a tincture, pressing a tincture, making an elixir, formulating, a personal assignment.)

Module 5: Oil
September 24th
10am-2pm ET
(Topics covered: Introduction to oil as a solvent, carrier oils, infusing herbal oils via the folk and ratio methods as well as the stove top and solar infusion methods, making a balm, making a cream, a personal assignment.)

*Participants will be camping at Suntrap HQ in Brooktondale, NY. There is ample space in the garden and meadow for people to pitch tents. Access to a guest bathroom with a shower is provided. If you have any questions about the logistics of camping on our land, don't hesitate to reach out. We are also happy to loan our camping & outdoor cooking equipment to guests. For folks less interested in a rustic experience you can search our neighborhood on airbnb :)



Orders ship out twice a week via USPS. If you need your items sooner, just send us a message in the order notes and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our packaging is biodegradable. From the cardboard box, to the cellulose based packaging tape, to the paper packaging materials. 

  • Fresh, locally grown, organic ingredients

  • Products crafted by a clinical herbalist

  • Biodegradable packaging materials