How can we provide for human needs while regenerating a thriving ecology?

We create harmonious herbal formulas, partner with farmers healing the soil, and hope to weave connection between the human & non-human world around us.


The Healer
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Goldenrod Embroidered Top
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Recipes and musings from our heart to yours.

  • Fresh, locally grown, organic ingredients

    We source herbs & solvents from farms we trust as well as our own vibrant gardens.

  • Products crafted by a clinical herbalist

    Harmonious herbal formulas that really work. We love serving you our favorite recipes.

  • Herbal education comes first

    For those that want to make herbal medicine instead of buying it, we'll teach you how.

  • 100% compostable packaging materials

    All of our products ship in earth-friendly packaging and as quickly as possible.