AM & PM skin care routine + reviews

AM & PM skin care routine + reviews

My ideal skin care routine takes only a few minutes, is comprised of sustainable ingredients skillfully sourced from small American farms, and builds the resilience of my skin's biome instead of stripping it away. I need my products to be nourishing enough for everyday care, practical enough for on the go, and versatile enough to leave me with a glow on the days I don't want to wear make up or prep my skin for the days I do. Good for you, Good for the earth.

Ismini demonstrating Suntrap skin care. Photographed by Sarah Elizabeth Buckner.
I asked my instagram community if they wanted me to write an in depth piece about my AM/PM skin care routine or demonstrating my process of distilling a hydrosol. 90 people voted for the skin care routine and 82 voted for the hydrosol process. As a result, I'm sharing my tried & true skin care routine along with a few reviews from folks who have tried it and felt compelled to share their feedback with me. Before the growing season ends I'll share a hydrosol process with you. In the meantime, enjoy my big share on skin care.
The Healer balm in 3 sizes


  • Wash hands.

  • Splash cold water on your face (thrice if you're a little ritualistic like i am.)

  • Gently dab off excess water with a clean towel.

  • Spritz Botanical Waters hydrosol (or any high quality hydrosol you have) on your face, neck, and hair.

  • Take a small amount of The Healer balm and massage it into your face. It's important that your skin is damp when you apply the balm, this is key to locking in moisture. Take a little more and massage it into your neck and on your shoulders too, if you can spare the balm.

  • You are good to go! You'll find a little goes a long way. If you accidentally used too much balm and feel more oily than you'd like, just take your towel and gently dab your face and neck. It should be mostly absorbed within 10-15 minutes. If you are wearing make up, this is a great stage for applying foundation, and the balm acts like a primer. If you are not wearing make-up, you'll have a dewey glow from your refreshed and botanically blessed skin!

Botanical Waters hydrosol


  • Wash hands, dry them fully.
  • Pull back your hair.
  • Scoop out about one tablespoon of raw, local honey.
  • Apply the honey to your dry face, tapping your fingers on your face like you are playing piano. Keep going until you have covered your whole face with sticky, tacky honey. Play piano with gentle, flat fingers anywhere that you would like to encourage blood flow. Between the eyebrows, under the eyes, around the sinuses, around the lymph nodes.
  • Leave the honey mask on for at least a few minutes. I usually tend to my oral health while I have the honey mask on: flossing and brushing my teeth. Sometimes I walk around my house and startle my partner with my shiny honey mask face.
  • When you are ready, bring your face close to the sink and splash lukewarm water on it until the honey has all been removed. Do a final rinse of your face and neck with cold water.
  • Spritz your face, neck, and hair generously with Botanical Waters hydrosol.

  • While your skin is still damp, massage a generous amount of The Healer balm into your face and neck.

  • Feel free to spritz hydrosol on your face after applying balm for extra moisturizing action. Besides that, you are good to go.

Some things people have said to me about using Suntrap Skin care:

"I'm in love with the Healer. I'm 51, and live in the arid high desert of Western CO. I use it as a facial moisturizer which also includes my earlobes, neck and chest. I work what's left into my cuticles and hands. Feels great on the skin and smells healthy and comforting. Perfect trifecta: care of my skin, aromatherapy and supporting a dedicated & loving small business." - Julie King


"I’ve truly been loving the healer balm. My skin is glowing!" - Ashley Tini

"I wanted to reach out to share that I have really been loving your skincare products. I have had such trouble (spanning years) finding gentle, healing products for my face and I have found what I have been seeking in your products. I am *so* grateful you do what you do! Thank you thank you!" - Rachel VB

"This trio of magic that you have made into herbal skincare is the most pleasurable sensory experience I have ever had with any ‘skin product’. I don’t even want to label it a ‘product’ because it is so far beyond that. You are a true priestess of herbal alchemy. I can actually feel the way you have harnessed the earth’s magical blessings and brewed them blissfully into this triad of plant medicine. This is like the three sisters of skincare, each supports the other and all together they become stronger. I am deeply grateful to you for using your creative energy to craft this. I love using it every day if not TWICE a day!" - Alyssa Duerkson

We just transferred over to this brilliant new website where you can leave us reviews of our products! Please do so, word of mouth is very helpful for this small land-based business.


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