Our tinctures are packaged in one and two ounce bottles that are made to go with you anywhere. Herbal support on the go! To be safe, we give our tinctures a shelf life of two years. Given their small size, you will likely finish them long before that deadline. The date on the bottom of your tincture is the date it was bottled. Two years from that date is the expiration date.

If you want to extend the life of your tincture, store it in a cool, dark place with minimal temperature changes. Your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are good options. In this scenario, your tincture could stay potent for five years or more! But to be safe, we give our tinctures a shelf life of two years, especially because we know they are living in your bags, cars, pockets, desks, and being exposed to sunlight and temperature shifts.

Shake the bottle before opening. The dosage will depend on the tincture and should be spelled out on the bottle and its corresponding info card. Squeeze the droppertop to fill up the dropper with anywhere between 1 drop & 1 ml (the full dropper, 30 drops) of tincture. We recommend diluting the tinctures in a few ounces of water to be taken all at once or putting the full dose of the tincture in a quart of water to be consumed slowly.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.