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Muscle Rub

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Birch Back, Poplar Buds, Teasel Root
A balm to massage into your skin after a long day

Leftovers from the Spring CSA box for half price :)

There is something magical to me about a balm made with a flower bud, a tree bark, and a root. All the herbs were dried and sourced from my favorite local herb farm, Healing Spirits. I infused them at a 1:4 ratio in local, organic sunflower seed oil (the herbs here are always organic, so that goes without saying) using the power of time, maceration, and heat. The balm is solidified with a local beeswax.

 This balm is for sore muscles. As I make my way through my early 30s and continue to use my body to build gardens, run through the woods for hours, and sit at my computer typing away - it becomes more clear each year that tending to my musculoskeletal system is non negotiable if I want to keep this up for many, many more years (which I do.) A daily practice of movement & stretching combined with massaging herbally infused oils into the skin seems to do wonders for the way my body feels - maybe yours too?

I love to apply this balm all over after a shower or bath when my skin is still slightly damp, the moisture on your skin helps the balm to soak in and work its magic. For hands, feet, or anywhere that needs some extra attention.

Birch Bark (Betula lenta): “Methyl salicylate, the main active constituent of birch sap and the herb wintergreen, has the delicious and easily recognizable taste we call ‘wintergreen’. Methyl salicylate is similar to aspirin. It is strongly analgesic and anti-inflammatory…it has also been a standard practice medicine for topical application for rheumatic and arthritic swelling of the joints.” - Stephen Harrod Buhner, Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers. In The Herbal Handbook, David Hoffmann lists Birch as an anti-inflammatory herb specific to the musculoskeletal system.

Poplar Buds (Populus spp.): “The resinous buds of this northern tree are harvested and extracted in oil to make a ‘balm’ used as a warming rub on the chest and joints, and as a disinfectant on wounds. These resins are also collected by bees to make propolis.” - Matthew Wood, The Earthwise Herbal

Teasel Root (Dipsacus fullonum): Herbalist Thomas Easley taught me to use the root of teasel infused in oil to encourage relief where there are aching muscles and a need for anti-inflammatories. Wild teasel is a good herb to know, and once you recognize it, you will see it everywhere.

Sunflower Seed Oil: We believe in using organic, local, cold pressed oils for the freshest infusions possible. We source our organic oil from the finger lakes region of NY where we live.

Beeswax: A small amount of aromatic beeswax is added to stabilize the balm. This ingredient comes from ethical beekeepers in New York State who are doing work to care for our pollinators and the planet.


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